Friday, June 14, 2013

When there are many good options

We have been blessed enough to live in a community where there are many great schooling options.  For us (well at least for me) it brought the paradox of choice into play- where too many choices end up paralyzing and confusing the decision maker.

Izzy has spent her first two years of schooling (Kindergarten and 1st) at the local public school.  It has been a great experience overall.  While there have been frustrations along the way, we have been content with the education she has received.  The district is conservative in its values and reflects the deeply rooted convictions of the community.  Families are flocking to the township or driving long distances in school of choice to give their own children a chance of learning in this district.

Within our community there also two great Christian schools and one charter school.  On the surface, all seem to provide a quality educational experience.  We also live in a hub of activity with regards to homeschool connections.  A homeschool building offering classes, co-ops, bookstore, sports teams, musical groups, and more is about 2 miles up the road.  Local churches offer classes for homeschooled children during women's bible study hours and many gymnastics and dance studios offer homeschool classes.

I feel spoiled by the number of good choices for educating our children.  Many are forced into making a decision by lack of options, having to choose the 'best of the worst'.  However, choosing the path to discontinue a 'good' option of public schooling and moving into homeschooling has been a little paralyzing.  How do we choose the 'best' out of all of the good options?  Why would we choose the 'harder' path of homeschool when so many options to outsource this part of parenting are available?

God laid on the heart of Paul and I independently to pursue the path of homeschooling our children.   The choice was overwhelming at times, a spiritual battle.  Many times I was discouraged by the options and wanted to just 'settle' and go back to public schooling.  I had a great idea of what homeschool could look like, but was paralyzed by the 'why' in an environment of too many options.  In time, clarity came and so did a faith that passes the need for having a perfect set of why's and how's.

We have committed to take each year as it comes.  1 year at a time.  We are have our reasons for choosing this path, but in the end it came to trust.  Trust in the Holy Spirit's prompting that this was the right choice for our family.

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