Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Book Character Dress Up Day

One of the things Izzy said she would miss about public school was the random dress up days through out the year.  Easily solved!  We brainstormed ideas and then assigned a few days each month to a 'dress up' day.  Things like pink, princess, crazy hair, backwards, and pajama day were top of the list.  This week it was "Dress like a Book Character Day".  I told the girls I wasn't going to make anything special, so they had to get creative on their own, but that I would help them with finishing touches.  Here is what they came up with this morning!

Lili was Emily from her favorite book Emily's Dance Class- basically a ballerina bunny.

Izzy was Whiskers from Whiskers the Lonely Kitten.  She has enjoyed this series of chapter books.

They did it all on their own except for the makeup for the nose and whiskers and I helped Izzy with her tail.  What a fun way to do school today!

What is your favorite book character or who would you dress up like?

Me?  I'd totally rock an Amelia Bedelia outfit if I had more time :)

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