Saturday, August 17, 2013

School Room

School Room is (mostly) Complete!  We remodeled the old playroom (which was a dark forest green office when we moved in) into the new school room.  Most of the toys are in new places to make room for the table and supplies.  We have quite the collection of books, so keeping the bookshelves was a must.  They have also come in handy for other storage.  We used our old dining room table which has a great formica top that will resist any paint, scratch, project, etc.  I bought a bench to match (amazon) and a small office chair (ReStore).  We purchased metal strips for magnetic hanging (Menards) and a large whiteboard (ReStore).  We already had the bulletin board.  Covering an old sales model arm chair with a slip cover helped warm the room.  The walls are 8513 Still Creek on the Graham Paint chart.  I'm happy with how it all turned out.  Hoping it will be a fun place for us to learn from this year!
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  1. I love the colors in this room. They are warm and cozy. And I LOVE the slip covered chair! It screams- grab a book and sit in me!